Letter to Tommy Davis: When’s the end of endless comm lags?

Dear Mr. Davis:

It’s important, I believe, to let you know, and anyone else who might care, that I write to you about the conspiracy to steal valor you’re involved in, your false charges and black PR, and anything else I might write you about, without a real expectation that you’ll grant me the slightest suggestion of credence, or logically answer my communications. You can’t answer, logically or not, of course, if I don’t communicate something you’re capable of answering. I therefore have kept my communications simple, and I’ll keep this simple, so you can’t complain, legitimately at least, that you didn’t logically answer because what I’ve written is beyond your understanding. Pretended or faked ignorance, it goes without saying, is the standard and most common “beingness” or illogical answer that Scientologists resort to when thinking and caring Wogs seek logical answers from the Scientologists to the Wogs’ logical, reasonable and serious communications.

As you know, your religion’s source L. Ron Hubbard established in your scripture what he identified as the most important method for establishing people’s conditions or how sick or well they are. He, of course, called this most important method in Scientology the “communication lag” or “comm lag.”  Hubbard defined the communication lag as “the length of time it takes to get a logical answer.” (Scientology Technical Dictionary) You may, as he also says in scripture, “outflow, jabber, discuss, pause, hedge, disperse, dither or be silent,” etc., but the time it takes to get a logical answer out of you is your comm lag.

Hubbard states in scripture, as I’d expect you to know, that “the key test of aberration is communication lag.” [Hubbard, L. R. (1954, 23 April). SOP 8-D. Fifth American Advanced Clinical Course, (5ACC13). Lecture conducted from Phoenix, Arizona.] He goes on to further explain comm lag as “the inability of the person to get two things connected easily and rationally.” So, if, for example, I originate this communication – one thing – and you take forever to provide, or connect me with — a logical answer, the second thing — you would be infinitely aberrated.

In the same scriptural sermon, Hubbard says that society — by which he clearly means Wog society — calls this failure to connect, or to logically answer a communication, “stupidity.” The longest lag Hubbard said he personally knew of at that time, which “could actually be easily traced,” was ten years. The fellow with that comm lag, according to Hubbard’s calculus, would be the stupidest guy he’d ever encountered. Hubbard states in a 1953 sermon entitled “The Theory of Communication” that communication lag is the “index of sanity.” The man with the ten-year comm lag Hubbard traced so easily is also, according to Scientology scripture, the most insane person he’d ever met.

I have been communicating to Scientologists without a logical answer from at least since I escaped from your organization or religion in 1981, which is approaching 30 years. It’s arguable that I didn’t get a logical answer from Hubbard or other Scientologists while I was being lured into Scientology, or during my years inside your cult; but I’m only considering here the period since I left. Many of my many communications to Scientologists over these years obviously can actually be easily traced. In fact, I’ve posted my communications publicly, and will post this one publicly, in part to make their tracing actually as easy as possible.

Scientologists’ logical answers can’t actually be traced because of their absolute absence. What are present, of course, and can, as Scientology scripture states, actually be easily traced, are Scientologists’ group, individual and independent comm lags. Some of Scientologists’ illogical answers can be quite easily traced actually; but, of course, illogical answers are not logical answers. I do acknowledge that I do recognize that Scientologists in their illogical answers very well might swear up and down that they have been eminently logical.

Illogical answers don’t become logical answers no matter how much illogic is added. And illogical answers, no matter how many are generated, don’t eliminate or even reduce comm lags, but merely prolong them. Scientology and Scientologists’ illogical answers to me over all these years include threats, even of assassination, physical assaults, covert ops, lawsuits, manufactured evidence, false charges, a volcano of black propaganda; but these were never logical. Sociopaths would say that these sorts of answers, especially to their victims’ communications, are perfectly logical. And Scientologists, of course, will defend these evils or insanities as logical answers, because they’re mandated in Scientology scripture and have continuously constituted command intention since Hubbard declared war on Wogs. Logical answers to Scientology’s victims, or SPs, like myself, are actually impossible, because such answers necessitate granting credence to the victims, which is expressly prohibited in Scientology.

I know you’re aware of and live by this, but it’s important that Wogs understand the aberrated, stupid and insane system Scientologists embrace to keep their comm lags working. Read SPD 28 “Suppressive Act – Dealing with a Declared Suppressive Person.” http://www.gerryarmstrong.org/50grand/cult/sp/spd-28-1982-08-13-txt.html

To maintain a line with, offer support to, or in any way grant credance to such a person indicates nothing more than agreement with that person’s destructive intentions and acts.  Such dealings in fact act as a covert or overt attempt to undermine and negate the ethics and justice strengths of our ecclesiastical structure.

Those are your victims it’s talking about, Mr. Davis. The ethics and justice strengths of your ecclesiastical structure are evil and deserve negation.

It is phenomenal and quite tragic, thinking Wogs with good hearts certainly can see, that so many Scientologists over so many years would render themselves so colossally aberrated, stupid or insane, rather than logically answer my simple and logical communications. All my compassion for the apparently autogenously degraded Scientologists, however, does not end their comm lags. According to both Scientology scripture, and even basic Wog logic, Scientologists’ comm lags can only be ended with their logical answers.

I don’t postulate for you and your fellow Scientologists a life of continuous extreme aberration, stupidity and insanity. You Scientologists postulate this for yourselves, but it’s a useless postulate that has so little reality a mere logical answer reduces it to nothing. To keep yourselves extremely aberrated, stupid or insane, you have to maintain your extremely long comm lags. I really have done, if you’ll check the record, whatever I could to keep communicating logically and simply no matter how aberrated, stupid or insane you make yourselves. I haven’t given up on anyone, but I can’t and don’t have an expectation that you, or any Scientologist actually, will give me a logical answer.


Gerry Armstrong

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